This Is Us

We are Unit Numberfive, a progressive, independent design and development studio.

We create lovable, meaningful productivity apps that improve people’s working lives and that we wouldn’t want to miss ourselves.

Tyme – Powerful Time Tracking App

Tyme is our most successful app and is often featured by Apple. A simple but powerful tool that takes the hassle out of time tracking. Time management tools such as planning, forecasting, reviews, and clear data visualization enhance the user experience.

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Shortery – Apple Shortcut Automation App

Use Shortery to automatically execute your Apple shortcuts. Choose from more than 17 useful triggers to run your automations.

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Soonie – Meeting Reminder App

Managing your time during a busy day can be a challenge. Soonie visually reminds you of your next meeting or to-do list at important times. It focuses on your unscheduled time between events.

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