Shortery – Automate Your Mac

Shortery makes shortcuts even more capable by automatically running your favorite Apple shortcuts whenever the app detects particular conditions or triggers. Apple shortcuts let you automate all sorts of tasks on your Mac and in your home: play your favorite music, set window layouts, get directions, toggle HomeKit scenes and much more.

List of Triggers

  • Appearance - Run a shortcut when your Mac changes dark and light mode
  • Application - Run a shortcut when you start or quit an app
  • Audio - Run a Shortcut when you start, stop or record audio.
  • Calendar events - Run a shortcut when a meeting starts/ends
  • Camera - Run shortcuts when your webcam is switched on/off
  • Devices - Run a shortcut when you connect/disconnect any USB or Bluetooth device
  • Focus mode - Trigger a shortcut when focus mode on your Mac is enabled
  • Folder Contents - Run a shortcut when the content of your folders change
  • Keyboard - Define a global hotkey for your shortcut
  • Login & logout - Use the login-trigger to get your day started
  • Monitors - Trigger a shortcut when you connect/disconnect a monitor
  • Power - Run a shortcut when you plug in a power adapter
  • Screen - Trigger a shortcut when you lock or unlock your screen
  • Sunrise & sunset - Run shortcuts when the sun sets or rises
  • Wake up & sleep - Run Shortcuts before your Mac goes to sleep or wakes up
  • Time - Set a time when the shortcut should run and define how often it should be repeated
  • WiFi - Run a shortcut when your WiFi connection changes

Shortery Figures

17+ Automation triggers
100K+ Installations
2+ Featured by Apple

User Reviews

“i love you! perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. thanks” By mxmlsn * Turkey
“Very Useful. Just bought version 3.4. Has an extensive choice of trigger options sure to fill just about every need. Easy to understand and apply! Frequent updates to add features and squash bugs.” By techtype-the-original * United States
“Amazing addition. Thank you for updating so often. You’re amazing. Please consider calendar event triggers :)” By huhuuhhuuh *United States

Shortery Features

Run your shortcuts automatically
Over 17 triggers
Configure your automations
Frequent app updates

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